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Holistic Choices when you are 

Sick and Exhausted!

All the great ideas on nutrition, meditating, yoga, and inspirational reading sound good, but when your sick and exhausted how do you do it?

Getting Started

It can seem hopeless for someone who is sick, to be able to muster the energy to implement holistic choices into their daily routine, even if the desire is there.  The key is not to take in all the information at once and to break it down into workable parts. This way the information becomes meaningful to you a bit at a time and you give your self a chance to really give new healthy changes a try.

If you are having a bad day, then do not put pressure on yourself to try anything new that day.  Treat yourself like you would your best friend and be compassionate of yourself.  Have ongoing respect for your energy and pain level as it presents itself each day. It's easy to become frustrated with yourself when you can not accomplish everything you wish you could, but giving into your frustrations does not serve you and only drains your energy.  Practicing acceptance frees up a lot of energy and creates a space to allow positive choices to enter.  


Holistic Option #1

As mentioned earlier, you will need to decide what is appropriate for you on any given day.   If you are in a flare or not capable of expending much energy at all, a good option for well-being that day would be to listen or watch inspirational people.  One of my favorite authors and people to listen to, is Eckhart Tolle.  His words are capable of bringing transformation and resonate clearly with many people.  You can download his audio books in which is reads his own words, or you can listen to him on his own website.  

I have found that days when I am feeling especially low in energy or high in pain, listening to inspirational books boosts my energy level and lessons my pain.  This is why I highly recommend this holistic solution when you are feeling low or having a flare. To see many more inspirational books and authors, click on the link to Hay House below.



Holistic Option #2

The next holistic solution I recommend trying is a change in your diet.  This is a very difficult change for most people and will require strength and determination.  Most people that are chronically ill have great determination, but much less strength.  It is possible to work within your limitations and still succeed with a diet change.  It  must be approached in steps.  First you will need to decide what change you want to make and understand why you are doing it.  Clearly understanding the benefits will become vital when staying with the diet change becomes difficult.  Second, you will need to plan ahead.  Whenever you are sick or exhausted, it is only human to reach for the easiest solution and that goes for food above all.  If you did not plan ahead to buy options that match the diet change you are trying to implement, you will have undermined yourself from the get go.  

I recommend that the first change in diet that you make to bring increased well-being to yourself is to eliminate gluten from your diet.  Gluten is a protein that causes significant inflammation in your body.  Inflammation causes many issues in people that are chronically ill, such as pain, brain fog, bloating, lower energy and more.  Reducing your inflammation could make a huge impact in your quality of life.  It is a change that is worth doing even if it is difficult, but make sure you do your homework on all the foods containing gluten and most importantly, don't cheat.  Going gluten free isn't like dieting where you can have a cheat day.  As soon as you introduce gluten back into your system, the clock for eliminating the inflammation the gluten causes resets and you will have to start all over again.   For more information on gluten and how to start a gluten free program, go to the article:  Going Gluten free to Reduce Inflammation.  

Holistic Option #3

Clearing your system of gluten may allow you just enough increased energy to try some yoga.  I'm not promoting yoga for exercise, I'm promoting yoga for well-being.  You can do yoga anywhere.  Many a day I only have strength to do some yoga in my bed.  What's important is that you don't get down on yourself if you can't do as much as you want,  and that you celebrate whatever you are able to.  I had a yoga teacher who was in a terrible moped accident in India. She was thrown from the moped into a cement wall.  When she was able to move after several weeks, she would have her friends help her to yoga class and just sit on her mat and visualize being able to do the postures again someday.  What was important was that you kept her intention focused on being able to participate more actively when she was able.  You can do the same thing for yourself.  Fix your intention on what you would like to be able to do.  Start by visualizing and then move towards doing some yoga in bed, then try on a chair and eventually you may be able to move to yoga on a mat.  

Holistic Option #4 

It's only natural as you start this  journey that you'll want to do more,  because you'll feel good about your choices and the way they make you feel. 

At this point it would be wonderful if you could try to add some meditation to your daily routine.   If you've tried inspirational reading/listening, adding healthier nutrition options to your diet, some form of yoga, then meditation is the next step.  This will be the most difficult because of the exhaustion which accompanies most chronic illnesses. In order to meditate, it is often difficult not to fall asleep.  This hurdle aside, practicing meditation has tremendous benefits for the body, mind and spirit.  To read more about how to meditate, go to the article: Mindful Meditation

Don't Give Up

I am hopeful that this brief article gives you some pointers on how to condense the enormous amount of holistic options available to you,  into a more usable list.  While you are on this journey, stay connected, talk to others experiencing what you are on our FB page and join our Friday support group.  A little sharing can make all the difference.  Keep on Hoping and Coping and NEVER GIVE UP!

The Disabled Diva, April 4, 2017


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