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Written by:  The Disabled Diva;  May 12, 2017


The subjective nature of pain perception makes the topic of pain management very complex.  Despite it's complexity, the importance of treating pain in an acute setting, has finally been given the attention it deserves. Anyone who has recently had a visit to a hospital can attest to the priority placed on a patients pain level. Unfortunately,  the same priority and attention to pain management changes drastically once you leave an acute care setting.  

Once people seek help for chronic pain, the tables seem to quickly turn.  A patient goes from being treated with empathy and respect for their pain in an acute care facility to being scrutinized and doubted once they face chronic pain in their everyday life. 

The fact is, the abuse of pain medications by the FEW has ruined access to this medicine for the MANY.   In chronic illness forums across the internet, you can easily read about patient's intense suffering due to the refusal of doctors to prescribe much needed pain medication.  As often happens, the attempt to curtail the abusers has extended so far that the people who are in need of these drugs, are now being denied access.  The sad truth is, most people living with chronic illness would do anything else they could before they asked to add yet another drug to their daily protocol.  So when someone with a chronic illness, who is suffering from chronic pain, requests medicinal help with their pain, you can rest assured that they really need it.  

People who live with chronic illness become very well versed on their medications and their side effects.  Not only are chronic illness sufferers diligent about researching drugs and conditions online, they are highly sensitive to any medications they take and can tell you first hand how difficult it is to change their existing drug protocol.  In addition, they are keenly aware of the possible long term hazards of taking their medicines for extended periods of time.  They are also reluctant to take any additional medicines that are not absolutely necessary.  The view point of a person that is chronically ill is similar to that of a marathon runner, they are in it for the long haul.  

Presented with the multiple issues of chronic pain management through drug therapy, many people living with chronic illness are turning to alternative natural solutions to meet their needs.  It is not always easy however, to find natural solutions that are effective.  Much money and time are wasted by people with chronic pain and illness in their ongoing search of the holy grail of pain relief.  

Recognizing how important the topic of natural pain management is as a much needed solution for chronic illness sufferers, we have tried out, tested and featured solutions that we have found to stand out as reliable options for treating pain.  


In this week's "Holistic Highlight", we will present several tried and true options for natural pain relief that we think you will love.  

Solution No. 1:  PRESS Wrap Professional

PRESS Wrap Pro offers effective pain relief with extreme diversity for treatment areas.  It provides adjustable compression support and fits all size and shaped extremities. Press Wrap is made out of a thin  (1.5 mm) double lined neoprene that locks in place with the Velcro TM type closure.  You can join two or more Press Wraps together to expand it's length, if desired.  The 3" and 4" wrap is  80" in length so there is plenty of material there already. If it is too long it is easy to trim the wrap down to a desired length.  After extensive testing, the 80" length works perfect in most cases.  The 2" Press Wrap is 50" long and is perfect for ankles, arms, and can be used for children's extremities.   

While wrapping yourself, you get to choose the amount of compression that you need and are comfortable with.  The double lined neoprene material is non binding so it does not impair circulation.  Many other types of supports have stitching at their ends which cuts into the skin.  Press Wrap is flexible and becomes more pliable within twenty minutes of wear.  You might even forget that you have it on!  Press Wrap slightly warms and improves circulation to the affected area.  The wonderful thing about combining compression and double lined neoprene is the effect it has on relieving pain.  The compression brings blood flow to whatever area of your body you have wrapped and the double lined neoprene retains heat to the area, allowing your body temperature at the site to raise by several degrees.  

The material coupled with the compression provide a good amount of reduction in pain to the area that is wrapped. You feel warmth, comfort and support and there will also be a reduction to the inflammation to the area following use of the compression wrap.  The increased blood flow and oxygenation to the painful area also provides the opportunity for overall pain reduction with continued use.  

What is really great about this wrap is the diversity.  Not only can you use it on multiple pain points throughout your body, you can also use during multiple activities.  Press Wrap can be worn in the water and is excellent for anyone doing physical therapy in a pool.  It is easily machine washable and outlasts most products in it's category without loss of elasticity.  Press Wrap also holds and insulates ice packs when applied to the body. 

The uses for Press Wrap are endless, I used it daily for two months straight following my stem cell procedure.  Immediately following the procedure I used the Press Wrap on my abdomen where they took the stem cells from, to provide much needed support.  I continued to wear it daily and found that the entire area hurt less while I had it on.   After a couple of months, I did not need to wear it every day, but did make sure to have it on when I started trying Yoga again.  Had I known about this product earlier in my life, I could of used it after my C-sections!!!

Uses for Chronic Pain Management

  • For wrapping knees when walking 
  • For ankles that are swollen or unstable
  • For lower back pain support and relief
  • For abdominal area when nauseous
  • For support of any body part after surgery 

The 4" PRESS Wrap

Great for Back, Abdominal and Large Legs 

The 3" PRESS Wrap

Great for Smaller Thighs, Calves, Upper Arms

The 2" PRESS Wrap

Great for Ankles, Feet, and Arms

Solution No. 2:  Boswellia

Once in a while you will hear a story on the news about a professional athlete who has severe kidney complications as a result of taking to much NSAIDs.  This tragic news often brings to the public eye the potential risks of long term use of anti-inflammatory over the counter medications.  People don't often associate side effects and severe health risks with non prescription medications, but they do exist and need to be given attention.  

If you suffer from a chronic illness and chronic pain, it is very likely that you have turned to NSAIDs to treat your pain. When faced with chronic pain, and the reluctance of doctors to prescribe pain medication, patients often have no alternative but to use NSAIDs.   There is however, a safe and natural alternative available that has been used for hundreds of years.  

This natural anti-inflammatory is Boswellia, and it is a valuable herb that originates in Ayurvedic Medicine.  It is often used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and Cervical Spondylitis.  The origins of the herb stem from India, however, it is now commonly used in Europe and North America.  Boswellia serrata, is a branching tree found in India, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.  It is a very close relative of frankincense,  also know as Boswellia carteri, and both contain a very similar compound.  When the bark from the Boswellia tree is striped away, there is a gum resin that remains.  Found within this resin are oils and triterpenic acids, Boswellia acid are among these triterpenic acids.  It is believed that the anti-inflammatory properties come from the triterpenic acid.  Boswellia acids interfere with leukotriene synthesis, which are hormone like compounds that cause pain and inflammation.  This interference in the leukotriene synthesis explains why it is able to bring relief. 1  

It is recommended by Mark Stengler, ND that any use of Boswellia be of a standardized extract of at least 60%-65%.  He also recommends that 1,200 to 1,500 mg be taken 2-3 times a day.  As always, discuss this herb with your doctor before taking it as these are generalized recommendations and may not apply to your specific situation.  2

We have highlighted TWO Boswellia products offered at Hoping and Coping.  The first is a pure extract that yields a standardized extract of 85%, which is well above Mark Stengler's recommendation.  The second is a Boswellia blend product which incorporates other excellent anti-inflammatory herbs such as Tumeric.  

1 & 2 The Natural Physicians Healing Therapies, by Mark Stengler, ND, Prentice Hall Press, Peguin Group (USA) Inc. 2010

Solution No. 3:  


Wearable Pain Relief 

The future is here now!

Imagine a material where technology is built into the fibers you wear so that you can receive pain relief just by getting dressed!  No need to imagine any longer, this type of technology does exist and it is an excellent option in the search for effective and safe treatment for chronic pain.  

A company called Draper Therapies, has developed a technology advanced fiber called Celliant (Registered Trademark), which is a proprietary blend of minerals that has been extruded into a polyester fiber.  One of the key minerals in Celliant is titanium dioxide. This mineral is a photo-catalytic, which means it absorbs light.  As a part of the fibers in the material you are wearing, it  is able to turn the electromagnetic energy given off by your body into a tool.  The mineral in the material's fibers absorbs the body's electromagnetic energy and then re-emits it back into the body with modified wavelengths.  The modified wavelengths allow the energy to reach more deeply into the tissue because of the increased refraction and light scattering properties of the combination of minerals in Celliant.  Once received by the body deep into the tissues, this energy vasodilates the blood vessels allowing more freshly oxygenated blood to reach poorly circulating areas.  It is well knows that increased blood flow and oxygen helps muscles and joints with stiffness, soreness and edema.  Celliant has found a way to bring this increased blood flow and oxygen directly to the body by simply wearing clothing or materials on your body.  

Products containing Celliant have no adverse effects as they work directly with the body to enable it to be more effective and as such can be used continually. Celliant is NOT a coating. As such, it never washes out of the fabric. The fiber is also non-toxic and biologically benign. It works with the body to help it do what it does naturally. All Draper Therapies products are made in the USA. 

We have highlighted some of our favorite products from Draper Therapies and highly recommend you give them a try.  


Try out each of our 3 suggestions for Natural Pain Relief! 

Buy the Package Deal and receive 15% off.

PRESS Wrap Pro 4"  Wrap any body part that has chronic inflammation and pain.  

Buy the Bundle

BOSWELLIA  Standardized 85% Boswellic Acids                                          

Draper Therapy Travel Blanket with Celiant Technology.

The Disabled Diva brings wisdom through experience and has spent many years dealing with a multitude of health challenges.  She has been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME    ( a Neruo-Immune Disease), Chronic Viral Infections ( Parvo Virus, EpsteinBarr Virus, Coxasackie Virus, HHV6 Virus, Cytomegalvirus), Hashimoto's Thyroditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pernicious Anemia, the MTHFR gene mutation, Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS), Ankylosing Spondylitis and Scoliosis.

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